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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

So, You Wanna Go to Bible College?

The University of God's Refuge/Ark
Anonymous. - 02/26/2008
(David's notes in red)

On the 15th of January, I had a dream in which I said that I was coming to David Eells' ministry in January 2009. I believe this is a spiritual coming to David's ministry at that time. I was sitting with him and he was telling me details of his ministry and there was this big fan blowing on us. (The breath of the Spirit.) I then got caught up in the spirit and traveled to different parts of the US. I was shown different refuges all across the U.S. The first refuge I saw belonged to David (but when I briefly shared this part of the dream with him later he told me that he didn't have a refuge so I was wondering whether this dream was from God or not). (UBM is primarily building the refuge of God in His people by teaching them to abide in the secret place of the Most High, Jesus, the Word, the Ark of God. In the past five years, God has had us build in a place that we were shown would also be an Ark of physical refuge. Only those in the spiritual refuge or Ark can be in a physical refuge or Ark.)

I saw a lady by the name of Jennifer, whom I knew was David's daughter, and she was ministering in this refuge. (She didn't know that Jennifer is my youngest daughter.) She was welcoming lots of people to his refuge. I saw multitudes of people coming to this refuge, some alone and some with a few generations. There were full families and sometimes only parts of the families coming to this refuge. I was shown inside and outside of this refuge and it looked like a long house, like an ark. (We are putting saints in the spiritual ark by teaching them to abide in the Word, so that they can dwell in the Ark of safety, like the Passover.) It was also situated far into the woods. (The coming wilderness experience naturally and spiritually.) After this I was taken by the wind and I visited Brother Rob. I saw him very alone but he was doing the work on his refuge. I saw "faithful" written on him and that the Lord said that even though he was all alone, God was His right hand and help. (Some faithful brethren are building physical places of refuge for some saints in the coming wilderness. Many refuges are traps and not refuges.) I did not see his family with him yet but I saw him so full of joy. I was then taken to quite a few refuges around the U.S. They all looked like David's -- a long house like an ark. (This "long house" part is symbolical of our refuge and Passover in the spiritual ark from the judgments to come.) The exterior was nothing to look at and the interior was humble, nothing extravagant. I saw many people enter into these refuges.

I saw people had papers and they were registering into David's university which was called "The University of God's Refuge" (I think this was the exact title). (Notice that the ark that is a refuge from the flood is a spiritual university. These will be places for the man-child to teach the saints. We must learn that we are not under the curse. We have a Ps.91 Passover of the destroying angel. We must learn how to abide in the ark of Jesus.)

I also saw people pulling out their children and grandchildren from the worldly universities and joining The University of God's Refuge. (My daughter is mentioned above as a great confirmation for she is seeking worldly degrees in her line of work and she is soon to realize that only one education is necessary to escape what is coming.) I heard the conversation of a man and his pastor who had followed him. This pastor was full gospel and he was telling this man not to pull out from his church and go to David's university. (Notice that the worldly universities spoken of here are also religions.) He said that David's university had no looks, no education, no credentials, no accreditations and basically he and his university was "UNKNOWN". (Just like Jesus' (Joh.7:15) The Jews therefore marvelled, saying, How knoweth this man letters, having never learned? Meaning, 'He didn't get His degree or credentials at our Bible College and He has no beautiful synagogue or temple so we don't accredit Him'.) But the man told this pastor that David taught things from the Word of God which he had never heard before. This full gospel pastor was very angry and kept on saying that David didn't have looks, education, credentials, accreditations and is "UNKNOWN". I saw this man rebuke the pastor and say that he was withdrawing from his church and he also told the pastor not to keep his offering unto the Lord for that month and to give it to the poor because his (the pastor's) ministry was rich and not in need of it. (Jesus said to the apostate church in {Rev.3:16} So because thou art lukewarm, and neither hot nor cold, I will spew thee out of my mouth. {17} Because thou sayest, I am rich, and have gotten riches, and have need of nothing; and knowest not that thou art the wretched one and miserable and poor and blind and naked.)

I then saw this full gospel pastor call many pastors one by one and ask whether they knew David Eells. They too had never heard of him and were also angry that he was stealing their sheep. (It is they who have stolen the sheep. {Joh.10:1} Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that entereth not by the door into the fold of the sheep, but climbeth up some other way, the same is a thief and a robber... {8} All that came before me are thieves and robbers: but the sheep did not hear them. The sheep belong to Christ to put where He wills. {Jn.3:26} And they came unto John, and said to him, Rabbi, he that was with thee beyond the Jordan, to whom thou hast borne witness, behold, the same baptizeth, and all men come to him. {27} John answered and said, A man can receive nothing, except it have been given him from heaven.) I heard what seemed like a council of pastors against David and they were arranging to go against David and his ministry. (This has certainly happened. The revelations that we are sharing in these days are under the old order anointing as was John the Baptist just before Jesus, the Man-child, came. We will be relatively UNKNOWN until the man-child ministry starts with the Latter Rain anointing. At that time we will have been prepared by God to send forth far and wide the revelation of the true state of the church and its leaders. As the Pharisees, Sadducees and scribes rail against us you will know who they are and the whole Sanhedrin will come against us for a crucifixion as it was with our Lord.)

When I woke up, I asked God whether this dream was from Him and I walked to my computer and my eyes fell on "Expiration: Jan 2009" on the back of a bottle; the same month and year I said above that I would be coming to David's ministry. (I believe this date is a confirmation that seeking a degree in her line of work will soon be over and she will be coming to The University of God's Refuge full-time. Saints, you won't need worldly OR religious accreditation in the wilderness which is almost upon us. ... But you better study at the University of the Word so you abide in Jesus and don't die in the wilderness.)

Also read UBMers on the Ark of Refuge and Restoring the First Fishing Ship.

Water from the Ark of Refuge
Bill Rowe - November 2005
(David's notes in red)

In a dream I came to your house (representing the spiritual house of David) for the study and as I walked into the living room I noticed water had been flowing from the kitchen across the living room and out the other side of the house facing the front yard. (Water from the kitchen of the house of David represents the water of the Lord's Word from the place where spiritual food is made.) I told you that the water damage needed to be repaired and your son Justin (The son of David will bring justice. "Justin Joseph" means justice increaser) spoke up and said, "That damage is impossible to repair". I asked Justin, "Why?" He walked into his room and brought out some blueprints of the house. When Justin opened up the blueprints on the table, the blueprints displayed were of an ark. (Our house is now becoming an ark-shaped boat in the land of TN. From here the water will go out to bring the Kingdom of God to destroy the kingdom of Satan.) Justin didn't say anything but the look on his face said, "See, this is why that water damage cannot be fixed". (The damage to Satan's kingdom cannot be fixed for it is being demolished and replaced by God's Kingdom.)

Also read The University of God's Refuge.

God's Starting a New School
David Eells - 11/27/2004


Recently a sister remarked to me that she thought we were to make a Bible School for the saints. I replied that I have been doing that for years. Yesterday, Nov. 26, 2004, as I was marveling at how quickly the Lord had brought together many volunteers to build a school for the saints, I received a dream from a brother about building a school for Christians in Florida. He wondered if it wasn't speaking of us. This dream seemed to complete another dream I received from a brother some years ago.

The Spirit of the Father has been pulling out of the Babylonish church for many years, to assemble a school of, and for His own. He is building schools outside the institutionally recognized system. My wife Mary had a dream a few years ago that the Saints will joyfully leave their carnal schools and go to the Lord's school.

Mary saw herself looking out our front picture window at a line of old people walking down the street. Some were using walkers. They were very happy because they were going back to school, but they were coming from the direction of an elementary school down the block.

God's people are old, not in spiritual maturity because they were leaving a carnal elementary school, but old in the curse of this world. They need help even to walk (symbolized by the walkers). Troubles are going to cause the honest to seriously question the impotency of their apostate gospel. Then God will bring them truth. Some will grow more in days than they have in years, if they have grown at all.

Compare this with Patrick's dream below of the Father departing from the carnal schools of His people due to their indifference, and Mark's dream of the Lord's restoring His School on what Mark thought could be an island in Florida.

An island is a sanctuary from the waters all around, which represents a place of safety from the curses on sinners that are written in the Word. In like manner, Noah was in the ark while the flood destroyed the wicked. John's writings of the end times were a type of school sent out from the isle of Patmos. The name Patmos means 'my killing' or 'death', which represents a place of death to self. A person must be dead to self to minister the true Word.

See also: My Vision of Going to the Moon.

School of the Carnals Forsaken of The Father
Patrick Adams - 01/01/2002

Early this morning, the Lord gave me a dream, which was very vivid and clear.

I was in what appeared to be a training school like a community college. There were many classrooms and different in each classroom were desks, laboratory tables and drafting tables. The students appeared to be slumbering, looking out windows and in other forms of inattention.

Later, I was in a house in the living room and saw My Father grieving as He sat in His chair, He said to me: "Pack your bags. We are going Home. I am leaving as school master. These children don't want to learn, they are caught up in the world, and I am tired of trying to get their attention". I asked and pleaded for Him not to leave. Then he said to me: "I must leave, it is time; the politics are too great. Go back to the school, pick up your things and get ready to go home very soon".

I went back to the school with much sadness; first to the School Master's office - to find that His staff was gone and the office was in shambles. Then I walked towards the classroom building to clean out my desk and locker. On my way I stopped one of the students on the school yard and told her that My Father said we are leaving, to spread the Word. She cried "No! No!! No!!! He can't do that! If He leaves, who will Teach us?" I dropped my head and walked away towards the class rooms.

As I walked down the hallway I saw students wandering around aimlessly, talking aimlessly to one another. The desks, laboratory tables and drafting tables had been placed haphazardly in the cafeteria dining area. A few more students, mostly young ladies, approached me and asked if it is true, that my Father is leaving, and we are going home? To which I replied: "Yes". They asked did I think if they would talk to Him, He would change His mind. I told them I didn't think so, His mind appeared to have been made up, and He sent me to clean out my desk and locker; but, they could try. Each walked away hurriedly with there heads down - and I wondered if they were really going to talk with My Father. As I looked for my desk and locker I saw with amazement the quick disorder and abandonment which had come of the school.

The dream ended at that point, and then I heard the voice of my earthly dad, who has been deceased for 32 years, singing an old Christian hymn. I awoke with much sadness and told my wife about the dream. Later she and I sang the hymn as tears began to flow from our eyes. I said to her: "It's almost over, sweetheart!

Following is the first, last stanza and course of the hymn:

"Careless soul, why do you linger, wandering from the throne of God?
Hear you not the Invitation? O prepare to meet thy God".

"If you spurn The "Invitation", till the Spirit shall depart,
Then you'll see your sad condition, Unprepared to meet thy God".
"Care-less soul, O heed the warning, for your life will soon be gone;
O how sad to face the judgment, Unprepared to meet thy God".

(Editor's note: The Spirit of the father has departed from the schools of the carnal Christians and He has taken His staff of correction with Him. The many classroom and laboratories represent the various Christian denominations; each proclaiming only parts of the Truth and much error. The slumbering students represent most Christians; and those who inquired are the few who are seeking to be taught truth.)

(Joh.8:47)He that is of God heareth the Words of God.

(Joh.18:37)Everyone that is of the Truth heareth My Voice.

School Dropouts
Garrett Crawford - 02/22/2007
(David's notes in red)

David had a school or discipleship program and was teaching many people in it. He had invited me to come live at this house while studying under him. There was a grocery store connected on to this house and he was very generous and said I could eat whatever I wanted while living there. There were many others studying at this school or program; my dad and sister were studying too. After being there for a while I noticed that a lot of people were dropping out of the program and returning to the world.

(Joh.6:66) Upon this many of his disciples went back, and walked no more with him. (67) Jesus said therefore unto the twelve, Would ye also go away? (68) Simon Peter answered him, Lord, to whom shall we go? thou hast the words of eternal life.)

There was this mother and she had two daughters that were very strong in faith and Word while in the program, but they left and became demon possessed. I had a few encounters with them after they left the program, and they were just full of demons; they had turned into depraved persons. The mother turned into a fornicator and drunkard. (The harlot falling away to the beast.) I had recalled grabbing some kind of evidence from them that showed they were demon possessed and kept it in my pocket. I wanted to show it to Dave, and I was fearful that they would come and take it from me before I got a chance to. My dad, who was in this program at one point, quit and began to hang around the mother, drinking and partying with her. My sister could not complete the program either and dropped out. (Spiritual fathers or leaders and sisters in the faith turning to the harlot.)

After these things happened, I found myself living in the house all alone. At this point, I felt convicted about always going in the grocery store and eating junk (spiritual junk food or junk word), even though Dave said I could eat whatever I wanted in the house. I began to just eat the meat that was on a grill inside the kitchen. Around this time, a Baptist minister called me and said he wanted to talk to Dave. He said my sister had come to his church and wanted to enter his program; it seems she had repented and wanted to give a discipleship program another try. The Baptist minister was asking permission from Dave to enroll her, because he knew she was enrolled in his program and he needed to be released. I pretended to be Dave on the phone just so I could get the 'skinny' of what was happening with her. During the conversation the minister said out of nowhere, "Give me two good reasons why I should believe the rapture and resurrection will not happen in the beginning of the tribulation?" I was stunned. I asked him to repeat it and he would not, it's as if he blurted it out without meaning to. I then said, "This is not Dave. Dave is gone but I will get him".

I found out somehow that Dave was with my dad, and they were doing the Lord's work somewhere far away. I guess my dad had repented and now Dave and he were off doing missionary work or something. That's when I took the cordless phone and began to walk where Dave was to give him the phone so he could talk to the minister. After I walked out of the house, I found myself in track-running garb, like the Olympic runners wear. I was also on a huge Olympic-sized track. I began to run to where Dave was with the phone, and I came across 4 youths that had completed another Christian program, and they were running in the opposite direction in which I was running. We knew each other somehow from our pasts, and they began to mock and ridicule me because I did not complete their program. They stopped my progress and I couldn't take the phone to Dave because I was busy defending myself from their verbal and physical attacks. I fought them for what seemed like a long time. They had superhuman-type strength and resolve, but I eventually fought them off and returned to the house.

This is when the dream became a complete nightmare. The house became very scary and frightening. I was trapped in it. This was a great tribulation to say the least, because there were all sorts of scary and bad things happening in it. There was a great storm going on outside as well. (I have many dreams and I can say that I never experienced fear like I did during this part of the dream.) But I did not give up; I suffered through it. I was just waiting and hoping it would all end. After a long time of going through this tribulation, I walked into a back room and I heard a radio broadcast that was talking about a war between Russia and America. (End of the tribulation and beginning of the day of the Lord.) I looked out the windows and the rain was beginning to end and the clouds were dispersing a little. I did feel the worse was over at this point. But I knew in my heart that it was not totally over, because the sky was still stormy a little. Then I began looking out the window and watching some of the houses and structures outside as they flew into space like they were sucked into the vacuum of space. That was the end of the dream.

The Restoration of God's School
Mark Fritts - 11/26/2004

Mark sent this dream of restoring a school for Christians just as the Lord sent us much more help to get the teachings out in print and streaming audio.

I was traveling by boat to what I think was an island in Florida. I was looking at this building which use to I believe use to be a school possibly a Christian school. For some reason this school had been closed and was in need of some repair. In the dream, I was looking at some way to get the school up and going again. I saw a former student who told me as I toured the school that this area used to be for upper grades. She then showed me the lounge area. I saw that there were two gyms back to back. One was for the upper grades and the other was for the lower grades. I saw what used to be a concession stand that was in need of repair. I saw that there was a restaurant that used to provide meals also connected to the school. (Editors note: A gym to spiritually exercise, a concession stand to spiritually refresh, and a restaurant to spiritually feed the saints.) I then saw other people who were also interested in getting the school up and running. Then I walked into town and saw the city and the restaurants. One in particular stood out, which was a Chinese restaurant. My dream ended soon after that and today I received your CD that you sent me. Could this have something to do with my dream? That you are a teacher and that I need to listen to your insight?

David Schools
Sarah Rodrigue - 03/05/2005
(David's notes in red)

I read this dream I was given for David when he first broadcast over radio and Paltalk. (This dream has both a local and corporate meaning. I will emphasize the corporate here.)

I was in a tall building on the top floor. It was a school and I knew that David was coming and I was so very excited to introduce him to everyone! (The building is God's people, as in Ephesians, and those who have reached the top floor are those who have risen as far as they can in the traditional spiritual school system. The David who is coming is the corporate Davidic man-child ministry who is to carry the remnant beyond this into heavenly places in Christ. UBM is a small part of this.) David shot up in this amazing swift supernatural seeming way, although he was on a mechanical platform. The platform looked like the kind window cleaners use for skyscrapers. (I didn't really realize this was David in the dream until the next day when I was thinking about the dream and the thought popped into my head, 'Who was this man? Hey! The man is David!' Please understand I know we are not to be lifting up men. All praise goes to our Father in heaven and Jesus... (Very true! What is the dirt compared to the seed? It is Jesus who is coming in His spiritual Davids through His Word and anointing in them to teach His people.) The day after the first broadcast of the UBBS, I had the realization that this broadcast was a mechanical platform [among others].)

There was a whirlwind around the platform while he was being lifted and it was really fast, unbelievably fast. (The controversy and attacks from apostates have swirled around us from the beginning.)

He then came in the window on the top floor in a blue jumpsuit where my schoolmates and me were. (Blue represents heavenly, like the radio waves bringing the Word to them.) I was so very excited that everyone could actually meet him. He even put on our school uniform for a bit while he walked around talking to everyone, but then was back in the blue jumpsuit. (We are called to be weak to the weak -- all things to all men -- so that we may gain some, as Paul said.)

Then we were all on the bottom floor outside of the building. There was a young guy from the school coming around the building. I had an impression that he was sad and was a troubled teenager. The young man sat down at this picnic table (which is a place to eat spiritual food) alone with David, although many people had followed him and were bustling around. While David and the young man were at the table, a large palm-sized beetle bug was on the table in between them. David put his hand over the bug and then pulled it away and the bug was burnt, black and smoking. (The beetle bug is Beelzebub, the Lord of the flies, the prince of the powers of the air who seeks to come between the David ministries and the troubled adolescent Church that seeks to grow up.)

Two Thrones
Denise Lagrimas - 12/23/2001

As I was awakened at 3am, I began waiting on the Lord and I went out in the spirit and I saw two thrones in a vision and these thrones were huge except one really wasn't a throne yet looked like one. I saw thousands and thousands of people standing in line waiting to go before the thrones and those who sat upon the thrones. The line seemed endless as they went one by one. When the person first in line would get ready to go before the ones who sat upon the thrones there would be two great angels standing on either side and they would look into the person and speak "Are you ready?" as soon as these words were spoken the persons clothes would turn color, there were only three colors I saw one was white, red, and black. When the person was ready he or she would stand there in white and with every step toward the great white throne they would be covered in red and then they would go off to the right to what was called the mercy seat and when they were not ready their clothes would turn black and they would walk to the left and lament and scream out. This seemed to go on and on and some were happy to be there while others appeared nervous and still others were confident but when they reached the front line all of them became as uncertain as they watched those in front of them. I was so saddened by the ones that did not go to the right and my tears began to flow, some of them seemed so assured in the line yet they were black. As I inquired of the Lord He said "this is a time that is coming very soon. Many will stand before me and be seen for what they are. They will walk in mercy or in judgment and the choice is theirs. The blackness of their hearts will be revealed and they will be found wanting but those who are ready will receive mercy undeserved but freely given. They will walk covered by the blood of my Son Remember the words of my Son who said "many will come in that day and say Lord, Lord and I will reveal the truth and they will be told depart from me I never knew you...The thing that is revealed in my people is not just their love for me but their love for one another. The truth in their hearts will be seen and some hearts are filled with pride, deception, bitterness, and hatred. They say they love me but hate each other and there will be no hatred in my kingdom. You have heard me say love Me with all your heart and love one another as you love yourself, do good to one another and prefer one another but many have turned and said I need not love them only God will I Love! This is not so. If you cannot love each other how can I know your love is real for Me. I have created each one every man woman child and all in existence upon the earth and my Love was poured out that each would drink from the cup of life. I have never poured a cup of hatred, disobedience or compromise and asked you to drink it. I have only asked that you love like I love. What you see is what all creation will see either the sentence of judgment or the mercy seat of forgiveness. You must begin to cry out for the mercy of God to fall upon all and I will hear as I said if My people would humble themselves and pray and seek my face then I will hear from heaven and heal their land. It is time for the healing of the land. Cry out! Cry Out I say for time is slipping away and the day draws near when it will be too late. Darkness has already come upon the land but fear not for I am the light and My light will be your guide in the days ahead but you must humble yourself and pray then I will lift you up "

Then I awoke with a sense of desire to love more than I thought I could.

Beloved saints of God let us be certain our hearts are pure before the Lord. That we are walking in Love withholding nothing. It will all be seen as we stand before our Lord and savior. He will separate the sheep from the goats and the wheat from the tares. What truly separates us is our love. For they will know we are Christians by our love.

Be encouraged for if we are truly saved our hearts will reveal it.

Just a note: the thousands that I saw standing in line were actually those who I thought to be already saved. A sobering vision for me. Where will you be standing and which direction will be chosen for you; the left or the right?

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