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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

West Coast Quake & Tsunami

Michael Montana - 03/09/2013

The only place that I've ever been that fits the backdrop of this dream would be the Bay Area down in California where across the Bay is San Francisco and to the right from where I was is Oakland (that's because there was obviously a big city on both sides of this body of water).

It could have been another setting because I've never looked at the Mississippi River or I've never seen the Great Lakes. I've never seen a lot of places that have big bodies of water but the closet thing I've ever seen is the Bay Area and it was pretty close because across the Bay was a hill with a city on it.

You have to understand, I've topped trees for 27 years, so that was something that in this context I found myself with climbing spikes and a belt up a tree about 15'-20' (not exactly certain of the height). I was looking directly toward the ocean which would've been to the west. On the same side of the river that I was on, like I said, it was a big city. On the edge of the city was this giant skyscraper that was square and very very tall. I don't know, 100 stories, maybe less, but a very tall one.

When I looked to that direction, I saw that that giant skyscraper was at a 45-degree angle and then it crashed to the ground and this would have been 8-10 miles off and I knew something intense was going on. I came out of the tree in a hurry because I remember looking and seeing (which a tree man is not supposed to do) I had ripped the bark on the tree, ripped it up on the way down in a hurry and looked across the bay, across the body of water and it was like the only thing I could describe it, is like a wave of water that would be coming in on the ocean, except the land was moving like that. There was rolling going on and it was like a breaker was moving, like a wave would go.

As I looked, I could see it from right to left just destroying everything, demolishing it to nothing. There were flashes of light. It must have been getting close to dusk because I could see light flashing here and there and it went from right to left.

At this point, I realized I got into a small cabin or house. I went in and laid on the floor. The wave came along right under and lifted and flipped the house and me up and down again. I would say it was 12'-15' it lifted up and crashed down. Everything on the whole horizon I watched it just destroy as far as I could see and in a line, just as that wave came along under the earth. It came like a wave and demolished everything -- nothing was standing; it was flat.

It was very vivid to me that it was a pretty serious earthquake (if that's prophetic) that's going to hit somewhere and to me the closet thing I could reconcile would be the Bay Area. That's the only place I've seen that similar to that.

Another thing I would like to add:

I talked to a brother yesterday (March 11th) named Sam. He's a dear brother who's over in the Portland area and is a fiery guy. This guy is a firebrand for the Lord; he's just passionate, very prophetic and kind of like a bulldozer in the spirit. He's unbending. Will not compromise for anything. He'll tell the truth to anyone. He's young but very zealous.

The Lord's been waking him up for the last three weeks at 3:00 AM sharp. I mean right on the dot. And when daylight savings time came, it was 2:00 AM exactly. Same exact time it would've been if time had not changed.

The other night the Lord spoke very strongly to him when he got done with his season of prayer. It was a very intense time. The Lord spoke and said, "Sam, there's getting ready to be something climactic, a terrible calamity you won't comprehend, and this thing is going to be in the United States, and it's going to be the beginning of the end". He spoke to him with such fervency and urgency and He said, "Now step outside and I'm going to confirm this word to you". He stepped outside and a huge comet came flying right over.

I asked Sam if he had heard about David Wilkerson's urgent prophetic warning or something that he put out about calamity in the United States after there was an earthquake in Japan, but the thing in the United States would be much worse and it would be so intense that it would stagger the godliest person in the nation. He said he had never heard that.

West Coast Tsunami and Loss of Freedom
Doug Hanson - 07/09/2015
(David's notes in red)

This is a dream my friend had the day after gay marriage was legalized nationwide by the Supreme Court. He shared it with me but wanted to remain anonymous. He lives out west in Las Vegas and has had several dreams like this.

Additionally, the day before gay marriage passed, I had gone to bed that night, shut my Bible and laid it on the bed. I woke up the next morning and the Bible was opened perfectly to the first page and chapter in the book of Ezekiel. I have never had this happen to me nor heard of it happening. I thought, "Ok, God, this looks like a sign to me". So I read the book. Needless to say, the first 24 chapters are about God setting judgment against Israel (as a type of the Church) for its rebellion and abominations. I think this applies to the US. The underlying warning in the book was that judgment was set, the time for repentance was over and that God was not going to repent.

My friend's dream:

I was coming up the California coast, as if viewing it from a plane. It was dark, yet the ocean was lit so that I could see the ocean round about the coast. I saw the Statue of Liberty lying sideways in the water, half submerged with her torch arm broken off. I understood immediately that it meant that the United States as we know it and our freedom had fallen. Everything appeared to be in chaos. It seemed as if the city and coast were under attack, although all I could see was destruction. I didn't see any military or equipment, etc. (The loss of liberty or freedom due to death and loss of structure, support, food, water electricity, etc. Martial law and FEMA camps for the living. Sacramento to Seattle will be destroyed by the Cascadia Fault earthquake and tsunami with 30 times the power of the San Andreas fault at its worst. Read warnings from major news sources about this.

The next thing I knew, I was in a large, tall, square-shaped building with many floors (skyscraper height). I began running up the stairs of each level and there were people standing on the stairs. They all seemed to be asleep or totally confused, as they were just standing still and unable to move. (Not realizing that 15 minutes after the quake begins, the 700-mile-long tsunami coming toward the West Coast, from 20' to 100' tall, depending on location, and by the time the quake stops, the tsunami is already receding. It is that fast.) I began running up to each one and was yelling, "Get to the top! Hell is rising! Hell is rising! " I don't know why I was yelling, "Hell is rising! " (Death is coming to a lot of unsaved people by the rising Pacific, so Hell is rising. {Isa.14:9} Sheol from beneath is moved for thee to meet thee at thy coming; it stirreth up the dead for thee, even all the chief ones of the earth; it hath raised up from their thrones all the kings of the nations. {10} All they shall answer and say unto thee, Art thou also become weak as we? art thou become like unto us?)

I did perceive that the building was being consumed in heat and flames from below and it was climbing farther and farther up. (Slowly, Hell is approaching them from beneath.) As I would yell at and shake the people who seemed to be asleep, some seemed to wake up and in confusion start to climb the stairs; others seemed not to hear me at all and did not move. That is all that I saw. To me, it was confirmation that America as we know it will fall through great destruction.

Interestingly, the Statue of Liberty was fallen off the coast of California. I have heard other testimonies of the Statue of Liberty fallen off the East Coast and in the Gulf of Mexico. In my dream, it was off the West Coast of California. (The Statue was always in the water in those dreams, meaning their liberty was lost by water or tsunami.) I believe this to mean that the destruction (and loss of liberty) will come from all sides. I have been in a literal state of mourning ever since this dream that I haven't been able to shake. In all of my other dreams, the message was that there is destruction coming but God gave me absolute peace to let me know that I have nothing to fear. Seeing my country fallen, however, has indescribably saddened me.

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