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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

True and False Man-child

Eve Brast - 7 consecutive dreams
(David's notes in red)

I dreamed of the Lamb on 10/18/11.

I was standing on the porch of my father's land (symbolizing true Christianity). It was night and I looked up to the top of the sky. I saw the constellation of Aries the ram but it was an outline of a Lamb in stars lying down and facing east. There were two outlines of stars -- one just outside the lamb and one just inside the lamb. The outer stars of the outline were pale and dim but the inner outline of stars were very bright and they flashed very brightly at me and turned in a clockwise rotation once. (Remember it was God Who numbered the stars and gave them names in Psalm 147:4 and said the stars were for signs in Genesis 1:14 -- and it was He Who led forth the Mazzaroth, basically meaning, "The constellations of the Zodiac", in Job 38:31-33 -- and said that they show knowledge in Psalm 19:1,2. It was the devil who perverted this knowledge into astrology. Notice in the dream the emphasis is not on the outside stars which represent the rest of the Aries constellation; i.e. Perseus, Medusa, Cassiopeia and Cetus. The emphasis is on the Lamb, who is yet to mature as the Ram, and is facing east, the coming of the rising Sun/Son in its life. This Lamb is Jesus manifested in the body of the baby Man-child first-fruits, i.e. "Christ in you, the hope of glory".)

The larger story in the "outside stars" of the constellation Aries is that Perseus, meaning "the breaker", who is said to be the Lord at the head of an army in Micah 2:12-3:12, to break the power of apostasy over God's people. Perseus is also the King in this constellation that cuts off the head of Medusa, with the many-headed serpents for hair and Cassiopeia the Woman is "freed", which is the name of one of her stars. This all symbolizes that Jesus as the Lamb, with stars that mean the wounded, the bruised, the slain, will as the matured Ram conquer the many-headed serpent or dragon to free the Woman Church from bondage. Also in this constellation is the largest image, called Cetus the Sea Monster, the Leviathan dragon, who as we know is Satan manifested in the sea of the people that the Lord, typed as Perseus, will slay according to Isaiah 27:1. This story is in Revelation 12 and parallels the dragon of Egypt being conquered first by the Passover and then through the Man-child Moses, so that the Woman can be "freed" to go into the wilderness tribulation. But the beginning of the story is the Lamb, the Man-child as a babe before the anointing as the Ram.

I thought in the dream when I saw the Lamb, "The Man-child has been born". When I asked for scripture from the Father, my finger fell on: (Jer.35:5) And I set before the sons of the house of the Rechabites bowls full of wine, and cups: and I said to them, drink ye wine. (6) But they said, We will drink no wine: for Jonadab the son of Rechab, our father, commanded us saying, Ye shall drink no wine, neither ye nor your sons forever... When I asked for a confirmation for this, I just let my Bible fall open and it opened to the exact same paragraph and chapter but my finger fell on: (8) And we have obeyed the voice of Jonadab the son of Rechab, our father, in all that he charged us, to drink no wine all our days, we, our wives, our sons, or our daughters. (God used the Rechabites as a sign to the apostates, of those who were faithful to their father's commands. The Rechabites drank no wine because it was forbidden by their Father but the apostates drank wine, symbolizing being out of touch with reality and drunk on the lusts of the world. This joins this revelation with one below of the drunken apostates who abuse God's people.)

The next night, 10/19/11, I had a dream of the true Man-child and then a false man-child deception.

Some brethren and I were giving a shower for the Woman and the Man-child who had just been born. (They both had blonde hair [submitted to the Sun/Son] and the Man-child had a white cloth diaper with a silver-colored diaper pin [dressed in righteousness].) The Woman picked him up from a cradle that was in front of her and held him to her heart with a white cloth covering over Him. Many brethren were standing around her and kneeling to (Jesus in) the Man-child but they were dressed like shepherds. (An angel also appeared and sent some of the shepherds [pastors] of the flocks to greet the Man-child and Woman in Luke.2:8-20.)

They were all in the dining room and there was a white birthday cake with white frosting. The other brethren and I were in the living room setting up tables and chairs but we were dressed in modern clothes and were put in charge of giving the shower. (The real Man-child had just been born at the time of the enrollment by Caesar in Luke 2:1-7 but was not anointed nor doing any works. A false man-child came at this time of the enrollment when Jesus was first born and was doing deceptive works. See scriptures below Acts 5:36,37.)

Suddenly, a flat-screen TV came on near the door and there was a children's commercial advertising Man-child dolls, along with all the fancy accessories. I saw a bunch of little girls, mostly with blonde hair but some with brown hair, carrying Man-child dolls around, cradled in their left arms. Then I saw the dolls begin to glitch with a repetitive glitch and realized that not only were the dolls false man-childs but they were also holograms and didn't even exist. The girls' arms were empty! But they believed they were holding something. (The commercial advertising of the false man-child indicates the Babylonish false spirit pushing these apostate leaders. The repetitive glitch in dolls indicates a faulty, man-made, manufactured fake. Holograms symbolizes that there is no fruit of "Christ in you" there. When Moses the Man-child rose up, Jannes and Jambres were there doing lying signs and wonders but they could not compete with the power of God.)

I thought in the dream, "I must warn David", and I woke up thinking the same thing. I asked the Father for scripture for this dream and my finger was on: (Act.5:36) For before these days rose up Theudas, giving himself out to be somebody; to whom a number of men, about 400 joined themselves; who was slain; and all as many as obeyed him, were dispersed and came to naught. (37) After this man rose up Judas of Galilee in the days of the enrollment, and drew away some of the people after him; he also perished; and all, as many as obeyed him were scattered abroad. (The false man-child will begin to work around the time of the enrollment or birth of the real Man-child who has yet to do any work because he is too young. The false man-child leadership will eventually die spiritually and, in some cases, physically, for their evil deed of magnifying themselves to deceive the people and lead them in a powerless rebellion against the beast system.)

False prophets and deceivers are to come on the scene just after the time of the real birth. God Bless my brethren; may we all stay vigilant.

See also other dreams on the false man-child.

The next night, 10/20/11, I had a dream of the apostates being cast out.

I dreamed I lived in a sort of fellowship dorm with a bunch of other brethren on the second floor with a courtyard in the center. We all fed each other and worked together to bear our workloads. But my ex-husband (Rodney) was always lying around in a drunken stupor and mumbling about how miserable his life was. We all tried to witness to him and help him but he could never hear us. He was a huge distraction and interference to our fellowship. He then started saying that the room was spinning and that he was going to vomit.

Clearly those who abuse their fellow servants and interfere and disrupt fellowship are likened to drunks who are not expecting the Lord to come for them during their evil lifestyle. {Mat.24:48} But if that evil servant shall say in his heart, My lord tarrieth; {49} and shall begin to beat his fellow-servants, and shall eat and drink with the drunken; {50} the lord of that servant shall come in a day when he expecteth not, and in an hour when he knoweth not, {51} and shall cut him asunder, and appoint his portion with the hypocrites: there shall be the weeping and the gnashing of teeth.

So my husband and Rodney's brother, Ricky, helped me get him out into the darkness outside of the dorm. It took all three of us to get him out the door because he was like dead weight. (In real life, Rodney drank Canadian Crown all the time and smoked pot but then would get up on Sunday morning to go to church and teach Sunday school and his brother Ricky was always very serious about seeking and living for the Lord.) When I asked for scripture, my finger was on: (1Co.5:8) wherefore let us keep the feast, not with old leaven, neither with the leaven of malice and wickedness, but with the unleavened bread of sincerity and truth. I read verse 7 before this verse and then down through 13. Verse 11 mentions drunkenness. (Mat.25:30) And cast ye out the unprofitable servant into the outer darkness: there shall be the weeping and the gnashing of teeth.

The next night, 10/21/11, I dreamed of people escaping a demonic deception.

I had another dream about Rodney. (This is extremely rare. I have only dreamed about him one other time and that was several years ago.) The dream started with me leading a group of Hispanic refugee women and children up a very narrow staircase that was hidden at the back of this warehouse. (True Christians are like Hispanic refugees in that we are treated like illegal aliens in our own country and will more and more have to hide from the religious and secular leadership of our nation because of their evil. Eve, the bride of the last Adam, Jesus, will lead the sects of Christianity to escape deception.) The steps were not equidistant apart; some were narrow and others seemed as wide as a landing. I was helping them escape. The passage was dark and only lit up by light coming from the bottom of the stairs where there was a food stand. We could hear muffled music and people laughing and talking. (The food, which is also the light of God's Word, will lighten our dangerous steps in this coming time of deception.)

When I reached the top of the stairs, I went to the right but the refugees waited at the top of the stairs for me. I came to a stage that was lit up. It looked like a living room with a wooden door and a wood-grain fireplace. The rug and furniture seemed to be the colors of red, orange and yellow (like fire). (A Halloween-type evil public deception.)

I stood looking at this "distraction" for a moment, when suddenly by surprise a man burst through the door with his arms outstretched deceptively like Jesus on the cross; he was dressed in black tuxedo pants and a white tuxedo shirt with a rubber pumpkin mask on his face. He belted out a long note in vibrato the way they do in an opera and then dramatically peeled his mask off from the chin upward with his left hand and flung it away. I was repulsed when I saw it was Rodney and remembered I had to keep leading the group of women and children to safety. He stood there breathing heavily with his arms still outstretched with a big triumphant smile; he was staring at the stage lighting and I could hear recorded applause. I turned and went back to where they were waiting on me. (Although Christians who celebrate this demonic holiday are eating and drinking with the drunken, as Jesus warned, this is only a type of the evil deception of the people under the mask as they act as though they are living the crucified life while they are in sin. Behind the devil's deception, represented by this day, is revealed those who crave the acceptance and applause of men rather than God by refusing to obey His Word. The righteous will escape these deceivers.) Then I woke up.

I asked the Father for scriptures for this dream and my finger was on: (Neh.13:21) Then I testified against them, and said unto them, why lodge ye about the wall? (Apostates besieging Zion, the Bride) if ye do so again, I will lay hands on you, From that time forth came they no more on the Sabbath. (22) And I commanded the Levites that they should purify themselves, and that they should come and keep the gates, to sanctify the Sabbath day, Remember unto me, O my God, this also, and spare me according to the greatness of thy loving kindness. (The Sabbath is to cease from our own works, including spiritually fulfilling this demonic holiday. In this case, there is also a threat from God for those who do it. (1Sa.15:23) For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft, and stubbornness is as idolatry and teraphim. Because thou hast rejected the word of Jehovah, he hath also rejected thee from being king. The principle star in Cetus, the dragon, means "rebel" and witchcraft is always associated with Halloween.)

I asked for a scripture to explain a little more about what Halloween, October 31st, means and my finger was on: (Lam.2:3) He hath cut off in fierce anger all the horn of Israel: He hath drawn back His right hand before the enemy and hath burned up Jacob like a flaming fire which devoureth round about. (Those who take part in this deception with their apostate rulers will be chastened severely or destroyed.)

The next night, 10/22/11, I dreamed of Halloween and Nibiru.

I had asked the Father concerning what would be the meaning of October 31st, or what it represents, concerning the warning dream the night before about my ex-husband with the pumpkin mask. I had just read Lamentations 2:3 before falling asleep. (The Father may be connecting October 31st. and the effects of Nibiru as events totally in the spirit realm.) (As types, they seem to represent the same thing. Read "Rod of My Son" below.)

During the night, the Father gave me this dream three times in a row.

I was facing east, watching the sunrise on my father's land. At first it looked normal with a yellow and orange glow. (Like Charlie Brown's "Great Pumpkin" rising from the earth, like a false god.) But then a strange thing started to happen. I started to see deep blackish-purple auroras start flashing across the entire sky and they were reflecting upon the surface of the Earth. This happened on a global scale. (This deception is global.)

Suddenly, this pitch-black odd-shaped sphere rose from the horizon in place of the Sun, giving off blackish-purple rays. As it rose, a dark shadow covered the Earth. (The false sun/son comes between Earth and the true Sun/Son, blocking the light of the Word.) I started to hear distant cries of women (like in the Ten Commandments movie when the destroyer angel came through Egypt.) The cries came from all directions. (This symbolizes a Passover of the saints who walk under the blood and judgment of and on the false sons, typed by Nibiru, the destroyer. Those who oppress the true saints whom they want to keep in bondage.)

I called to my husband and children to come see it. They stood with me on the porch and watched it rise. I said in the dream, "It's Nibiru; it's arrived". (I don't think Nibiru will literally appear at this time.) I heard a still small voice say behind me, And his tail drew a third of the stars of heaven and threw them to the Earth. (Rev.12:4) (Nibiru here represents the false sun/sons who have no nuclear heart and are the destructive hands of the destroyer. (Isa.9:15)... the prophet that speaketh lies; he is the tail. These deceivers will cast down a third of the seed of Abraham, according to faith, who are as the stars of heaven, according to the Lord in Genesis 26:4 and Exodus 32:13.) I asked the Father for another scripture and my finger was on: (Psa.112:4) Unto the righteous there ariseth light in the darkness: He is gracious and merciful and righteous. (Those who walk in the light of God's Word will be like those refugees who escape the deception.)

This all happened two more times. {Gen.41:32} And for that the dream was doubled unto Pharaoh, it is because the thing is established by God, and God will shortly bring it to pass.

Notes: I asked the Father to please reveal to me what Nibiru represented in this dream that repeated three times. When I opened my Bible, my finger was on: (Eze.21:9) Son of man, prophesy, and say, Thus saith Jehovah: Say, A sword, a sword, it is sharpened, and also furbished: (10) it is sharpened that it may make a slaughter; it is furbished that it may be as lightning: shall we then make mirth? the rod of my son, it contemneth every tree. (Read "Rod of My Son" revelation below.)

(14) Thou therefore son of man, prophesy, and smite thy hands together; and let the sword be doubled the third time (three times again) (The third major conquering of God's people by a world beast was Babylon: it was Egypt, Assyria and then Babylon. The U.S. will conquer and take captive the Lord's people, natural and spiritual. There will also be a third World War and in some ways it is happening going from nation to nation throughout the Middle East and Africa.), the sword of the deadly wounded: it is the sword of the great one that is deadly wounded, which is entered into their chambers. (15) I have set the threatening sword against all their gates, that their heart may melt, and their stumblings be multiplied: ah! it is made as lightning, it is pointed for slaughter.

I feel that this chapter may sum up all that the Father is warning us about in this series of warning dreams and also what is fixing to happen to those who are drunken with the world.

(27) I will overturn, overturn, overturn it: this also shall be no more, until he come whose right it is: and I will give it to him". Overturn is repeated three times.

(29) while they see for thee false visions, while they divine lies unto thee, to lay thee upon the necks of the wicked that are deadly wounded, whose day is come in the time of the iniquity of the end. It seems to me that the Father is letting us know that this sword may begin to fall.

(24) Because ye have made your iniquity to be remembered... This is to all those who are described in Matthew 24:48 who are saying, "My Lord tarrieth; and shall begin to beat his fellow-servants"...

The local brethren here were saying that Nibiru means "the crossing". Could October 31st be a point of crossing, or just a sign of it when, as it says, (10) shall we make mirth? the rod of my son, it contemneth every tree. The Father may be beginning to look at the fruit of every tree at this time. Maybe there will be no more delay for His judgment to begin falling on apostates in the house of the Lord.

"Rod of My Son"
Eve Brast - 10/08/2011
(David's notes in red)

I had a quick dream this morning, October 8th. In the dream, I was flying through space, inside our inner solar system toward the Sun and as I was coming up, I saw Mercury [the messenger --Apostles of the Man-child?], Venus [the Man-child] and the Earth [us]. Mercury and Earth were in alignment and Venus was extremely close to coming into perfect alignment with them. (Eve didn't know this but these planets are in perfect alignment, or very close to perfect alignment, from October 31 until November 15. Could this alignment be a sign in heaven for timing and/or just for a still future fulfillment?)

I was brought in closer and all my attention was placed on Venus (the Man-child). As I was waking up, I heard a voice say, "And He shall be given a rod and a staff with which to rule over the sons of men". (Could this be hinting at the coming anointing? We'll see. The rod represents chastening and the staff represents restraint and guidance. The alignments of Earth, Mercury and Venus can actually be seen as a type of a rod. (Eze.21:10) it is sharpened that it may make a slaughter; it is furbished that it may be as lightning: shall we then make mirth? the rod of my son, it contemneth every tree. These are the instruments of the Shepherd Who is coming in His Man-child soon to be the General for His troops. {Rev.22:16} I Jesus have sent mine angel to testify unto you these things for the churches. I am the root and the offspring of David, the bright, the morning star [Venus]. Jesus is the root that brought forth the branch of David and He is in the Branch and Rod -- Jeremiah chapters 23 & 33.)

The scriptures that were given to me for this dream were: {Eze.40:6} Then came he unto the gate which looketh toward the East, and went up the steps thereof: and he measured the threshold of the gate, one reed broad: and the other threshold one reed broad. (Jesus is coming through the Eastern Gate into the temple of His people. He is measuring the Way through which He comes and many will not measure up. (Joh.14:6) Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, and the truth, and the life: no one cometh unto the Father, but by me.) {Jer.30:17} For I will restore health unto thee, and I will heal thee of thy wounds saith Jehovah, because they have called thee an outcast, saying, It is Zion whom no man seeketh after. (Then Zion, the bride, will be sought out and restored.)

Brethren, there is much more to this story and time will give more information to draw a more perfect conclusion. Please get ready for more strong delusion to come and draw near to the Lord and His Word through prayer and obedience of faith.

Man-child and Bride Multiply an Army
Eve Brast - 11/02/2011
(David's notes in red)

I was awakened this morning at 3:00 am by a disaster siren and then fire trucks and police sirens. Then, several minutes later, more sirens and after a while yet another set of sirens. I started to keep count after this and they totaled six in all. (Eze.21:14) let the sword be doubled the third time. They seemed to come from all different directions. They ended at 3:31 am. (Sirens represent a time of alarm, catastrophe, danger and death. From reading the dreams below, it seems plain that the beast will use these things to control the people and make the covenant with many that begins the tribulation and brings the Man-child and Bride's wilderness ministries.)

When I was awakened, I was aware that I had been dreaming the same dream as I had the morning before on October 30th. (This one being the morning of the 31st.) (The dream was doubled, meaning it will come to pass.)

First dream: 10/30/11

I saw myself kneeling down with my head bowed in a church auditorium that was transparent. The walls, floor, stage, podium and curtains were all made of something solid, yet see-through. But I could still see the brilliant colors of everything. (Transparency in an assembly of God's people means purity. Different colors are the attributes of the light or Christ.)

Beneath the floor was a dense forest of very green tree tops. (There were no benches or chairs at all on the floor itself.) I was in the Spirit hovering over the scene, viewing it from above. I was dressed in armor and was facing north with my right side facing the stage and podium which was east. I was hearing everything with my right ear. (Eve, as a type of the bride, is prepared to fight with the beast who comes from the north against the Israel of God. Facing east represents faith in the rising of the Sun/Son in our life.) I was cupping in my hands a numeric fraction which had floated from the area of the stage and podium in the east and it was floating in my hands and I was shielding it with my right hand. The fraction was 12/12 = 1 (whole). (This could mean a completion of the 12 spiritual tribes of the Church or "called out ones" to become a part of the auditorium under the Bride typed by Eve. Esther, the Bride, was raised up by and obeyed Mordecai, the Man-child. She was used to defend the people of God from the beast, represented by Haman.)

The voice of the Father was speaking to me from the podium and commending me for grasping or achieving or obtaining this fractional whole. He was explaining to me all about the importance of it and what it meant. As He was speaking, people who were all brightly lit up (like the stars in the Lamb) were starting to trickle into the auditorium from what seemed to be underneath the tall stage on the Father's right-hand side. They seemed to be looking in my direction and discussing the fraction 12/12 = 1 (whole) that was in my hands. Then I woke up. (The star glories, the green trees of God's people, will be "trickling into the auditorium" to make up the fullness of the 12 spiritual tribes under the Bride. They are being separated from among the apostates to go under the Bride and safety.)

Second dream: 10/31/11

Again, I was floating in the Spirit near the ceiling inside this transparent church but my armored self who had been kneeling above the tree tops was replaced by a standing room only crowd of men who all looked identical and had been multiplied exponentially and were all facing east toward the podium and stage. They all were wearing green army T-shirts that were the same color as the tree tops in the first dream. They were pressed shoulder to shoulder so closely together I could see no separation. (2Ti.2:3) Suffer hardship with me as a good solider of Christ Jesus. (4) No solider on service entangleth himself in the affairs of life: so as to please him who enrolled him as a solider. (These soldiers are all coming into the image of Christ in order to conquer our enemies. [See Note A below.])

I had my arms stretched out over the crowd in loving protection and gathering of them. (Like David was reading about in last night's Bible study of the hen gathering her chicks.) (As in the prophetic story of Esther, under Mordecai the Man-child, the Bride brought safety to the people of God from the beast. Under Jesus, the Man-child the Bride went forth to gather in the people of God. [See also Note B below.])

The identical men were all listening very intently to David, who was standing at the podium, saying the exact same thing that the Father had been telling me in the previous dream the morning before about this fractional whole of 12/12 = 1 (whole). They were so quiet and focused they didn't make a sound as they listened. This is when I was awakened by the sirens. I thought, the dream has been doubled. (David here is a type of the Man-child in whom "Christ in you" will be first manifested to bring in the Bride and then the rest of the true Church. In Old Testament typology, the King ruled in Jerusalem, the Bride, over the rest of Israel, the Church. This will be fulfilled at the time of the sirens, which represent a time of catastrophe, danger, alarm, etc. Could the beginning of this tribulation revival be at the time of the earthquakes, martial law, etc? In dreams, there were sirens and emergency vehicles running everywhere at that time.)

When I asked the Father for scripture to go with this dream, my finger was on: (Jer.6:19) Hear, O Earth, I will bring evil upon this people, even the fruit of their thoughts, because they have not hearkened unto my words: and as for my law they have rejected it. This chapter talks about blowing trumpets, a people from the north, laying stumbling blocks, sword of the enemy and the destroyer shall suddenly come upon them. (28) they are all grievous revolters, going about with slanderers. (We have just seen a worldwide attack of demon spirits and the Lord showed us it was to separate these people from the Bride so that the last seven day/years of the Marriage Feast may be fulfilled. This is just as Esther was separated from the house of the women to go to the Marriage Feast -- Esther 2:13,16-18. The beast from the north [martial law?] will come against them to bring them to their cross and will, in effect, cause those who repent among them to run for the refuge of the high walls of Jerusalem, the Bride. This may be the beginning of the "trickling into the auditorium" of transparency that the fullness of the 12 spiritual tribes will do.)

When I asked what the fraction 12/12 meant, my finger was on: (Joh.6:49) Your fathers ate manna in the wilderness, and they died. (This is what the numerator 12 means. The spiritual 12 tribes and also the spiritual 12 disciples may be represented here.)

(50) This is the bread which cometh down out of heaven: that a man may eat thereof and not die. (This is the denominator 12 of the fraction -- Christ the Man-child.) In order to add fractions together, you must multiply until you have a common denominator! (In effect, Father will multiply Jesus as Eve said above, "... men who all looked identical and had been multiplied exponentially". A remnant will be taken from among the 12 spiritual tribes to be the chosen 12 spiritual tribes, just as in Jesus' day. As the army above was drinking from the Words of the Man-child, the chosen people in the wilderness will eat of the manna from Heaven, the eternal word of Jesus, and will come into His image and they will never die.)

Eve's notes

Note A: I believe 1 Chronicles 14 is a parable of what the Father is doing for the corporate David ministries soon. (1Ch.14:2) David perceived that the Lord had established and confirmed him as king over Israel for his kingdom was highly exalted for His people Israel's sake. (In the second dream above, David is at the podium on the stage speaking the same as the Father.) (11) Then David said, God has broken my enemies by my hand, like the bursting forth of waters (a birthing of the Man-child). Therefore they called the place Baal-perazim (Lord of breaking through). (Shining forth from like Christ in us.) (15) And when you hear a sound of marching in the tops of the mulberry trees, then go out to battle, for God has gone out before you to smite the Philistine host. (17) And the fame of David went out into all the lands, and the Lord brought the fear of him upon all the nations. (The Father gave me a dream in March 2011 called Rise Up and Defeat the Philistines!) (This is significant because Eve didn't know I received the same text twice about a coming battle I would have with the enemies of God's people. {10} And David inquired of God, saying, Shall I go up against the Philistines? And wilt thou deliver them into my hand? And Jehovah said unto him, Go up; for I will deliver them into thy hand. At the same time, I received a portion of another verse: {1Sa.7:10} ... the Philistines drew near to battle against Israel; but Jehovah thundered with a great thunder on that day upon the Philistines, and discomfited them; and they were smitten down before Israel. I also received this same verse the week before.)

Note B: I had a dream on 10/10/10 about the historical significance of March 28th, as it relates to the repetition of history in the future, called Man-child & Bride Save Apostates, in which my right arm became as a wing with white feathers that sheltered a young Pakistani girl. (My personal feeling is that there is a connection between the Lamb in the stars dream representing the birth of the Man-child and the March 28th Man-child & Bride Save Apostates dream [March 28th falling in the constellation Aries) and these dreams of 12/12=1 with the gathering under the wings.] [David said, "Pakistani means, 'those who live in the land of the clean'. Some who fellowship among the apostates are clean from immorality, even though their traditions keep them from maturing".] March 28th was also significant in history because the Roman Catholic church attempted to force the Jews [also representing the Christians] into their one world religion. This attempt was thwarted by God using an earthquake. This dream could have been about the Lamb in the stars, Man-child and an earthquake.)

Note C: The Father gave me two dreams: one on 6/04/11 and the other on 6/05/11 that are called Purifying the Seed of the Word, that were about my son, Noah, who represents a corporate body being purified and separated from apostates. The scripture that the Father gave me for these dream was: (Jer.46:17) They cried there, Pharaoh king of Egypt is destroyed and is only a noise: he has let the appointed time pass by. (23) They shall cut down her forest, says the Lord, though it is impenetrable, because they (the invading army)are more numerous than locusts and cannot be counted. Verses 27 and 28 end the chapter with a promise to save Jacob but not without chastening and correction in just measure.

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